What does your 5 YEAR NO HASSLE WARRANTY cover?

Our Five Year No Hassle Warranty covers installation concerns that appear a few years after the installation.  In 3 to 4 years sometimes a ripple may form because the carpet has relaxed or heavy furniture sliding across the carpet. If a problem forms from any installation issue we will fix it.

What is the warranty on the carpet?

The carpet manufacturers warranty the carpet.  It varies with each company starting at 1 year and up.  If there is a concern with the carpet it generally see it withing the 1st year.

What is the difference between carpet materials?

The 2 most purchase carpets are Polyesters and Nylons.  Polyesters tend to be softer and more cleanable.  Nylons tend to wear better over long periods of time usually lasting 15 plus years.   There are other types but these two are the more common.

What is the difference between the carpet pads?

Pads are categorized on the amount of poundage used to compress the pad.  A good quality pad is an 8lb with memory foam and moisture barrier.  We also stock 6lb, 6lb with moisture barrier and also 7lb.

What is the durability of carpets?

Durability depends on the quality of the carpet and the care.  High traffic areas will show wear faster.